How effectively does you practice perform as a business?

In addition to all the usual services offered by a firm of professional accountants, Figurit is able to add genuine value to the business of running medical and dental practices – thanks to our extensive track record in these sectors.

One of the most valuable is our ability to help you benchmark how your practice is performing against other similar businesses – completely anonymously, of course.

In addition, we’re able to provide a number of further reports to help consultants and practice owners gain greater insight into how their business is performing.


In a world of comparison, it is important to understand how your practice measures up. We can provide the relevant insight into how your practice compares with wider industry data, enabling you to understand your own strengths and weaknesses.

This exercise is called “benchmarking” and is something Figurit is able to offer thanks to our extensive experience in the dental and medical sectors, where we serve a significant number and variety of clients. We have been undertaking benchmarking exercises on behalf of dental practices for several years now.

We can unlock a whole host of industry data – Key Performance Indicators or KPIs – to help you compare the performance of your own business with similar practices. These include earnings by treatment, salary costs, profitability, cost of premises, payments to associates, and many others.