Payroll services for dental and medical professionals

From determining employee wages and managing taxes, to updating holiday and sick pay or deducting employee-contributed payments for benefits, managing payroll is complex. Our specialist dental and medical payroll services are designed to take this headache off your ‘to do’ list, while saving you time and money.

Should you outsource your payroll?

Due to its complexity and time-consuming nature, the answer is usually “yes!”. This is especially true for practices who employ more than five staff or contractors.

In general, outsourcing payroll costs 50% less than doing it yourself when you consider the significant time investment processing payroll and keeping up to date with HMRC. Keeping yourself abreast of these changes is essential to make sure payroll is compliant and to avoid fines or worse.

For larger organisations, outsourcing means there is no need to hire a dedicated person; for smaller businesses, it frees you up to focus on other areas of your business. Other advantages include:


Simply provide us with staff hours each month, and let us take care of the rest.


We can link into other areas of our business to provide auto enrolment support, manage HMRC submissions, reimburse expenses, provide P45s and P60s and deliver reports via an online portal.


Everyone knows payroll needs to be accurate to ensure staff are paid what they expect. But the other side of payroll is ensuring you are up to date with HMRC’s latest regulations. Getting either wrong creates a time-consuming job to rectify, and there could be financial penalties to pay.


Following on from accuracy comes ensuring compliance with HMRC’s rules when paying yourself, other directors, staff, contractors or family members. Each have their own rules to follow which often overlap and can make for an increasingly complex process.

Outsourcing payroll makes sense!

Whether you have one employee or several, time lost performing your own payroll is noticeable and it will only increase as you grow. Outsourcing payroll gives you back hours to spend on your business or with your family, while providing peace of mind that it is being done accurately.

Supporting practices in London and throughout the UK

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