Delegate more for a more productive business

Regardless of the size of your business, ensuring the right person is carrying out the task in hand is essential for productivity and to allow business growth. Delegation is a tricky skill for many commercial business owners. However, it could be the key to freeing up your time to focus on more important tasks. Whether delegating tasks to one manager, a range of employees, a contractor or even a supplier, there are a few useful tips that can turn “delegation” into “effective delegation”.

Are you preventing your own business from growing?

Successful commercial business owners know they can’t do everything. Whilst being able to multi-task is useful, especially when growing or reshaping a team, it is ineffective as a long-term plan. Subsequently, those business owners who don’t ensure their workload is evenly shared amongst the workforce run the risk of the business remaining static in terms of both new innovations and profit. Share this article with your team!

5 reasons business owners don’t delegate

  • Not open to change
  • Not open to someone else taking control
  • Not taking a step back to consider alternative methods or invest time upfront to save time in the future
  • Lack of communication or lack of confidence in communicating
  • Lack of understanding of workflow and skills of workforce

5 reasons business owners should absolutely delegate

  • Other people can in fact inject new ideas into tasks and develop new (and better) systems, based on their own experience.
  • Have you heard of the 80:20 rule? With many tasks (not all) for increased productivity it is more effective to aim for 80% perfection leaving 20% “room for improvement”. Release that control.
  • When someone is given ownership of a task usually they will take pride in ensuing they meet their responsibilities. People will step up to the challenge if you allow them, consequently strengthening your team.
  • Creating an open channel of communication within your business is essential. Delegating work builds everyone’s relationships and helps a greater level of understanding of what is required of them and others.
  • The workforce as a whole and the individuals will grow exponentially by being given new and challenging tasks. Variate the flow of work.  This will reduce bottlenecks too.
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