HMRC changes approach on online VAT filing

Filing VAT returns online was made more or less compulsory for most business owners since April 2012, it being considered the simplest and most practical way to transfer VAT figures to HMRC. However, HMRC have had to recently change their approach since a number of appeals were made regarding filing online being discriminative against age, disability, remoteness or location and computer abilities. Despite the majority of businesses communicating that the switch from paper to online has been straightforward, as the appeals were suggested to breach Human Rights legislation, action has needed to been taken.

Telephone and paper filing are now acceptable for filing

Subsequently, from 1 July 2014, telephone filing is now an acceptable means for filing VAT figures for those businesses that can demonstrate to HMRC that they are unable to file online.  Similarly, paper filing will also be allowable under the same conditions.

Help with digital issues

HMRC continue to offer businesses a range of digital assistance to help meet legal obligations for such tasks as VAT filing. Figurit work with our many commercial clients to ensure that the VAT returns are filed on time, every time and in the simplest, most practical way for you. For help with your VAT, see  here how we help our other clients. Call today to discuss with one of our VAT experts: 020 7376 9333

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