An easy way for dentists to manage CPD

Hassle free CPD

As you are a dentist and therefore obliged to carry out Continued Professional Development (CPD) each year, you may as well make it hassle free! In the age of technology where we all carry a mobile phone and many now an I-pad, why not also manage your CPD on your mobile device? CPD Pro’s mobile app, allows you to stay organised, effortlessly, with regards to your CPD requirements whilst maximising your free time to carry out this essential task. Earn verifiable CPD on your mobile device around your work: life schedule and allow this easy-to-use system to track your hours and store your notes and certificates in one safe, accessible place.

Make your hours count

Figurit’s content is all fully suitable as General CPD so when you see the “Logme” button, simply click to register (first time only) and then make your hours count whilst keeping up to date with the latest tax and business news. More information on CPD Pro can be found on their website where you can also register completely free of charge today!