Rest Assured…we are claiming the maximum tax relief for you

A historically sticky point where tax relief is concerned is relating to expenses that are part business and part personal, so expenses with a dual purpose. You may remember reading about this in our August article “The wholly & exclusively rule for maximizing tax relief” Typically the rules state that expenses need to be 100% for business purposes to be eligible for tax relief, although there are a few exceptions when an expense can “properly” be split between business and personal usage; motor expenses for example. Despite the changes over recent years in the way people run their businesses, HMRC are unwilling to reconsider a more up to date method for claiming tax relief on dual purpose expenses. So in the absence of common sense from the “greater beings” this remains on our radar and we will always strive to claim as much tax relief as possible for our clients whilst playing within the ridiculous (oops, we didn’t say that!) rules. Related articles: “The wholly & exclusively rule for maximizing tax relief”.