Get your head in the cloud – save time and money using Cloud Technology

When people talk about “The Cloud” is it just something way over your head? Do the technicalities confuse you or are you skeptical about security? Many business owners are afraid to take the leap of faith from traditional methods of storing data, typically, due to a lack of understanding or fear of change.  Cloud Technology though can save businesses considerable time and money and result in benefits like more frequent contact with professionals such as your accountant.

Taking the leap of faith

Cloud computing is not a new concept. It has been around for many years now. However, business owners and professionals alike are still reluctant to “get involved”. For many doctors and dentists this reluctance comes from one of the following reasons (and for most, it is a combination):
  • Lack of information about how cloud technology works
  • Lack of understanding about your business can benefit
  • Concerns over security
  • Fear of change

A filing cabinet in the sky

“The Cloud”

Simply, can be considered as a filing cabinet or hard drive on the Internet that stores your data.


Can be files such as text documents, spreadsheets, images, photos and scans. In short, any record that is in an electronic format. So, instead of wandering over to the filing cabinet in the back office to file away an insurance policy, say, you can send an electronic version to a cloud based facility for secure, cheap and easily accessible storage. Of course, some documents by law still need to be kept as hard copies, but a lot don’t too and this is where the cloud comes in.

Is my data mine and is it secure?

Cloud facilities are a highly secure way of storing data. Back ups are created of the backups of the backups.

Or else all the cloud technology companies would be out of business already! The data also continues to belong to you. You have rights over who you choose to let access that data by setting users and passwords.

Save money working in the cloud

Using the cloud has many benefits, some more obvious than others. First of all, it can save you and your business money – the cloud could in fact cut some or all of these expenses:
  1. Software – costs to upgrade
  2. Hardware – costs to purchase and maintain
  3. Premises costs
  4. Management of data back-ups

Imagine this:

  • You need less office space, as no heavy-duty cupboards are required to store historical documents.
  • Fewer computers and hard drives are required by your business to store all your data, and
  • More sophisticated systems are being used “behind the scenes” to ensure your software is up-to-date.

Save time working in the cloud

Saving money is obviously always welcome! However, the biggest benefit to a business owner is the significant time that can be saved.

Easy access:

Assuming there is a logical filing system in your “filing cabinet in the sky” then accessing documents should be much easier than rummaging through old paperwork. Always name documents clearly to ensure you can find them quickly when required.

Access from anywhere:

The extension of this concept though is that access can be gained from anywhere in the world. If your team is able to work remotely then this means they can still view, edit and save the same data that someone can in the office. If you are on holiday and need to “check in” you can do so easily with a user name and password.

Sharing systems:

Systems can also be shared amongst your workforce, instantly being updated and reducing duplication. 

Cloud Accounting – the benefits

By using a cloud based facility for accounting you will also save both money and time. Generally,
  • Software is much cheaper than a traditional accounting package
  • Software is updated automatically by the provider and usually at no cost
  • Software is often on monthly subscription with little commitment to you as the customer
  Your accountant can also have access to your system, as can any other trusted personnel, to periodically review your figures and provide advice over the phone or “online meeting” facility such as webex or Skype. This can save travel time in not having to always meet face to face, whilst at the same time increasing the number of times you can communicate within the year. [dropshadowbox align=”center” effect=”lifted-both” width=”400px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]Would you like to speak with your accountant more frequently to discuss your finances and business performance? By using Cloud Accounting Technology this is possible as everyone has visibility of the same information![/dropshadowbox]

Xero Accountants

Operating your business in the cloud is essential in this modern world we live in, to keep up with your competition and maximise efficiency. Figurit partner with a cloud based accounting solution called Xero, which all our dental and medical clients are provided with free of charge as part of our ongoing accountancy and tax planning package. Call today to discuss with one of the Figurit specialist team: 020 7376 9333  

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