Shortage of GP’s due to early retirement

Recent changes to the NHS pension are, it appears, encouraging more GP’s to retire early. This decision comes alongside reducing income packages and increased work stress, resulting in many doctors feeling it’s time to call it a day. GP Pulse magazine reports this acceleration in doctors leaving the profession is resulting in difficulties in recruitment and in some cases, practices are having to shut up shop due to lack of resources. It is considered the worst position in 5 years with vacancies up to 9%, 3% higher than 12 months before. Vacancies can often take up to 12 months to fill and many more take at least six months.

Increased work demands

The new Conservative government has plans to increase the working hours of GP surgeries to offer 48-hour appointment guarantees, which could add further fuel to the fire.

Pension planning for doctors

The NHS Pension Reform has encouraged doctors and dentists to look at their retirement plans in more detail to ensure they can retire when they want, and with the retirement package they want. Figurit help doctors and dentists with retirement planning to ensure a suitable strategy is in place and can be built over your working life. Call us to discuss your options. T: 020 7376 9333 E:

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