Win:Win:Win – Reduce your tax bill, your fuel bill and your impact on the environment!

100% tax relief available…

In government efforts to encourage and reward the use of environmentally friendly cars, excellent tax breaks are available for both business owners and employees (which, includes directors of limited companies).

Buying a low-carbon emission car or van, where CO2 emissions are less than 95g/km, there is a 100% tax allowance to be claimed against business profits. This can make a real difference to your taxable profit and subsequent tax payment, so it is worth reviewing the list of cars available to see if any take your fancy; the 2013 list of environmentally friendly cars that classify as “low emissions” stands at about 100, but naturally the list is growing fast as more people are conscious of being “green” and when there is money to be saved on tax as well…well, it’s a win:win.

And for employees…

In addition to this, employees who use the low emission car or van will benefit from a reduced taxable charge (benefit in kind); another way of ensuring your money stays in your back pocket where it belongs.

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