How the Figurit process can work for you

Our process here at Figurit is designed to be fast and efficient – and to save you money.

Why do we take this approach? Because we want the financial side of your organisation to run as smoothly as possible, so you can spend more time talking to customers, being creative and making money – while also maximising the returns you make from your business.

We understand that your company relies on the flair and commitment of the directors to thrive, as well as good management and sound processes. Which is why we aim to bring some of our own passion to your business, to help you become even more successful.

Working the Figurit way

Of course, we recognise that every business is different and many companies have well-established financial processes that they follow. However, we aim to save you time and unnecessary hassle by streamlining and enhancing those processes wherever we can.

For instance, we’ve designed our systems to make your part in the production of your accounts and associated reports as simple and efficient as possible.

Our preferred online accounts solution is Xero, which we recommend because it has the potential to save our clients hours and hours of time processing information. It also speeds the production of management accounts and helps save you money too.

Xero accountants

Why choose Xero? As Xero specialists we are able to streamline the whole reporting and compliance process, for instance by integrating the output of your monthly bank statements into your accounts system.

Our online systems are safe and secure, and accessible 24/7. So, with all your relevant financial information entered into the Xero system, much of it automatically, you are equipped with relevant, accurate and timely information just when you need it – now.